Radio presenters are the backbone of all radio stations and no radio station would be complete without them. At Barnet Community Radio our band of volunteer presenters keep the station on air 24/7. Meet them here and find out a little more about the team which keeps you entertained all day long. 

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King RebSka
Sweet & Dandy Reggae Show
Thurs 8pm
Dave Gamblin
The Country Show
Sun 10pm
Liz Llewellyn
The Saturday Jukebox
Sat 6pm
Ian Davies
Sun 2pm
Paul J Rose
Reel Music
Sun 11am
Stephen Howie
Sat 8pm
Spencer James
Airplay Top 40
Sun 4pm
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A radio presenter hosts and broadcasts music or talk shows on a variety of media. The job of a radio presenter is to host shows on radio or the internet which revolve mainly around music, conversation, interviews and stories. A radio presenter is the introductory voice of the broadcast and also keeps the show flowing in order to entertain an audience. Presenting activities can range from interviewing, introducing, reading news and sport, informing the listeners about the weather or creating and controlling conversation. If you would like to become one of Barnet Community Radio’s amazing volunteers, head on over to our GET INVOLVED page for all of the details.