Volunteer With Us

If you’d like to get involved with Barnet Community Radio and become a BCR volunteer, as a presenter, or something more admin, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find out all you’ll need to know about getting involved with the fastest growing community radio station around.  

Volunteer with Barnet Community Radio


Well, you’ve made the first step already by visiting this page. The volunteers at Barnet Community Radio are a friendly bunch, all with one thing in common, a unrivalled passion for music, and there’s no reason why you can’t volunteer and be part of the team too.

It’s not all about being on air either, although that’s what most people want. There are lots of other roles you can be involved in. All of the details are here, so if there’s anything which takes your fancy, please get in touch. 


You do not need experience to be a presenter on Barnet Community Radio. We would much rather commitment than expertise. You also wont need to audition, however we may ask that you send in a short sample of how you’ll sound so we can make sure everything is set up correctly and it all sounds great.

Barnet Community Radio is an online radio station and as such we don’t need dedicated studios which is fantastic as it gives all of our presenters the opportunity to broadcast their shows from the comfort of their own homes. Many have built dedicated studios at home or designated a spare room as their studio.

Ok, so you will need a small amount of equipment and software to be able to broadcast a show on the radio, and the equipment you’ll need depends on whether you plan to pre-record your show, or do it live.


What Equipment Do I Need


Pre-Recorded Shows:

You will need a reasonable spec desktop computer or laptop, as well as a decent quality microphone which is able to connect to the computer or laptop. This usually equates to a USB mic. A condenser mic is preferred as it gives premium quality sound over standard cardioid mics. We will advise you on the best choice of microphone for you once we’ve established your setup.

You will also need some form of software which will allow you to add or play music to your recording. There are many free music software solutions which will work just fine. The software of choice for many presenters is Virtual DJ.

Live Shows:

You’ll need a little more equipment to do live shows. You will still need a decent spec laptop or desktop computer, and the software, but we also recommend that you invest in a small mixer and a cheap audio interface. You will also probably need a different microphone to one which plugs directly into your computer. This may all sound a little daunting but Barnet Community Radio will guide you through the entire setup process to get you on the air. We’ve also put together a diagram of how to set up equipment for live shows which you can download here

If you’re presenting a show then the only time you need to invest is the physical time it takes you to prepare and produce your show. If you are doing a live show, technically you will only need to commit to your live scheduled slot. All we ask is that if you commit, you keep to your commitment. 

If you’re thinking of doing a non-presenting role within BCR, then the level of commitment is entirely up to you. 

You can always hang out in the BCR Admin WhatsApp group too, and get involved in some friendly chat.

Yes. As long as the slot is free you can have a show in there. We do try and keep things as slick as possible though, so would probably not advise putting a heavy metal style show in between a couple of laid back shows. But we’re an easy bunch here at BCR so will always come up with the best solution for all involved.