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Rob Phipps

The Best Of The 60's Show

Rob has been a drummer, both professionally and semi-professionally for over 50 years, and still continues to play with several well known bands when he gets the chance.

Having worked with some very well known names in the music industry, music is a passion for which Rob lives for. “Being brought up in the 60’s it was a magical era for me” says Rob.

“When I was a teenager I would go and see a well known band every week. I still have hundreds of tickets of gigs I went to back then in large frames in my office. Looking back, although we didn’t have much money in those days, going to gigs was much more affordable than it is today. I remember going to see Rod Stewart and the Faces in 1972 and it cost £1.25 to get in”.

Rob loves presenting The Best Of The 60’s show because it’s the era which brings back so many memories for him. Rob infuses his own sense of humour into the show as well as funny sketches which, when combined bring back that swinging 60’s feeling. 

When Rob is not presenting The Best Of The 60’s Show, his other passion is cooking. 

“I cook every day”, says Rob. “We love entertaining at home and often invite friends over on a weekend and ill cook some lovely dishes and we all have a great night.  Good food, good wine and good music is a true recipe for success”.

Rob was fortunate enough to not only meet his cooking hero Rick Stein, but also have a meal cooked for him by Rick too. 

Rob presents a weekly daytime show between 11am and 1pm Monday to Friday as well as a show on Sunday evenings from 8pm. 

It’s a fun packed musical extravaganza that really shouldn’t be missed. 

You can contact Rob with any requests or dedications by emailing

You can also listen to previously broadcasted shows below. 

Rob with his cooking mentor Rick Stein

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Rob Phipps