Psychics……. FAKE or REAL? Have your say!

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Psychics, Real? or Fake.

You Debate.

Do you believe in psychics or mediums? We want to hear from you. Are clairvoyants just performing an elaborate act or are they 100% REAL!!

Well whatever you think we want to hear from YOU!

Just last week, Barnet saw Psychic Medium TJ Higgs astound the audience at the Bull Theatre with her amazing pre UK tour show.

The audience were astonished at just how accurate she was.

Well TJ has agreed to come into the Barnet Community Radio studios to be interviewed not only by us, but more importantly for a believer and non believer to have their say in the studio too.

It will be a full on debate.

Many psychics refuse to be challenged on the subject of whether they are real or not, but not TJ. She has always been perfectly willing to participate in this interview, which makes us think she has nothing to hide whatsoever. What do you think?

So we’re inviting two guests to the studio in Barnet to meet TJ and to debate whether or not she really does have the “gift”.

We’re looking for one non believer who thinks its all nonsense, and a true believer who thinks that psychics are absolutely genuine .

Would you never visit a psychic or do you visit psychics regularly? Let us know why.


If you’re interested in being part of this truly remarkable interview experience, please get in touch now.

Please call 0800 8321 192 or email and register your interest.