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James ‘Jam Cat’ Catchpole has always loved music, and his eclectic selections are pulled from many a genre. James studied guitar at London’s The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and is now a music journalist.

James has had a wide musical education and has played a variety of instruments, including turntables, since he was a young boy. After decades in progressive house, trance and techno, James fell in love with ambient and the softer side of music. James specializes in ambient, experimental and electronic music, but his show Echo Park contains many different genres and it’s hard to pin any one style down.

James was Assistant Editor at the renowned music publication The Silent Ballet, and now he can be found writing for the ambient, electronic and experimental publications Fluid Radio and A Closer Listen.

James loves all types of music. He plays three guitars, two electrics and one acoustic, named Melody, Angel and Blush.

Come down to Echo Park and expect the unexpected. Refresh yourself – you may discover something new.