Barnet Community Radio – Who Are We?

We’re just a bunch of radio presenting volunteers with a passion for bringing you quality radio shows 24/7. Our experience ranges from the outright novice to ex commercial presenters. A complete range of presenting diversity.

What Makes Us Different

  • We believe in being as professional as possible. We’ve invested some serious money in our radio scheduling and playout back end system, and we feel that this makes us very unique in the way we can bring you quality sounding radio shows.
  • We’re here for the community. Most internet radio stations cater for a global worldwide audience. We want to focus mainly on the Barnet and surrounding areas, bringing you local news and gossip, as well as local advertising and sponsorship.
  • We provide quality presenter training for up and coming presenters of all ages. As part of our community radio FM license application, we actively encourage presenters that are new to the industry. We provide full training, as well as boosting confidence needed to getting your show to air.
  • We actively promote up and coming local talent. Whatever your talent we will support you. And if you’re a band either newly signed or unsigned, professional or semi-professional, get in touch. We will play your music, and promote your gigs on our events page.